ACF Schnelligkeit

Our speed will take you by surprise.

We put your airmail in the fast lane.

We even have a very high throughput during peak times because our sorting is so fast. The main reason for this is our highly efficient sorting and processing system.

A spiral chute guides the mail items safely on an accumulating conveyor to their destination storage area where they are stored for loading onto transportation units until the signal comes from the flight control computer. Another conveyor belt is used for manually sorting items that are travelling to less frequent destinations.

The innovative placement of the sorter tilt trays makes it possible to transport a high number of different mail items. The trays are placed in groups of threes so that one, two, or three of the trays tip depending on the size of the mail item. As a result, the high speed sorter can handle both large and small items.

We also offer fast and flexible transportation solutions for urgent or complex post logistics challenges.

Fast speeds and the ability to meet your individual requirements are high priorities at the Airmail Center.

ACF Sorter


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