Your Way. Every Day.
Your Way. Every Day.

Airmail begins in the heart. And gets on its way from there.

Great moments are always the sum of many smaller ones.

The big picture in the smallest details

Perfection in the operational processes is shown in the details. So we have not just thought about each individual step in the Airmail Center. We also made sure that the interaction between all of the steps is perfectly coordinated. Why? To nip the misdirection of your mail in the bud. The result is a logistics system that should convince you at first glance. And even more with every further look.

The chain of direct contacts

You count on everything working and that the mail that is mailed in Frankfurt will arrive the next day in New York.

A highly trained and motivated team works behind the scenes to make this happen and ensure that there are no gaps in the handling of your airmail. You do not need to know exactly how it works. But you can.

Every movement is perfect and that is why your mail lands exactly where you expect it to.

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