Your Way. Every Day.
Your Way. Every Day.

Each mail item is different. Our process adjusts itself to each one.


Everything on the move

Your mail is transported to and from the Airmail Center in four different ways: mail containers, packages, and sacks in transport carts or in special containers (ULD) from the airfield to us. When it gets to us, it goes on one of the eleven collection belts.

Everything is under control

If the shipping information for the mail item is incomplete, we use information inputted by the operator and stored in our IT system to supplement the existing information and generate a new label according to the standards of the Universal Postal Union. This label allows the Airmail Center to transport the mail item to the correct destination storage area and it makes it possible for all other processing stations, including the one in the destination country, to scan the information on the new label and process the item properly.

Our opinion: A movement isn't perfect until we perform it exactly right.

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    ON BLOCK Arrival of the planes at the airport. First, the loading crews unload the mail bags, pack them on a transport cart, and attach the associated document to it. Then, the bags are taken directly to the import area of the Airmail Center.

    We already see the airmail before it arrives. This makes it possible for us to plan in advance. Next station: Scan and capture your mail bags using their barcodes. This data allows us to program the mailing route and track the bags at any time.


    SORTING In the next step, each mail bag goes through the tilt tray sorting system. This system processes mail totes, packages, and bags at a rate of up to 11 000 items per hour.

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    SECURITY/QUALITY Quality assurance and safety within the process chain has the absolute highest priority.
    All items are checked to make sure they meet the current safety standards before they are put in the airplane.


    EXPORT/STAGING We get the mail ready for departure by staging it and all associated documents in containers, pallets or loosely. Almost everything we do is captured electronically so that our customers can have all of the information before the mail arrives at their end.

    Perfection to the minute: Mail containers and carts are weighed and taken by ground services to the aircraft parking position. Then it is time to take off to 300 destinations around the world. OFF BLOCK