ACF Halle

It is not just the world that grows together with the Airmail Center. Your possibilities also grow with our airmail handling.

Complete transparency across all handling processes

We will help your company overcome all obstacles that are in the way of the smooth handling of international airmail. We will do this by bringing all processes down to a common denominator: both from and to the airplane and from and to the international mail center as well as those used for delivery by road.

In addition to the improved physical handling of your airmail, we will also provide you with full access to all of the documents and information related to your mail. In this way, you will always be able to react appropriately to the situation.

Versatility is just one of our sides

Fast response times to your needs and the full exchange of information with all involved parties are two of the stronger sides of the Airmail Center. By exceeding your needs, we can stay a step ahead and answer your questions before you have even asked them.

Rapidly receive 400 tonnes of international airmail daily, handle it centrally, and then send it on to its destination on time – the modern airmail handling that you experience with Airmail Center is like nothing you have ever experienced before and it is all done as fast and safely as possible and with the highest level of service.

Shorter trips even for longer routes

Intake. Barcode Scanning. Sorting. Tracking. And then the Delivery. You are at the international airmail hub of the Airmail Center. Enjoy the short distances, fast handling, personal service, and an unbeatable team.

Airmail handling is far more than just physical handling and the processing of documents. In order to meet your needs in the global mail market, we build on personal, direct, and reliable contacts. In this way we expand our local expertise into an effective platform for international airmail.

Of course we have a state-of-the-art airmail handling facility that meets the highest quality standards. Surely you did not expect anything else? What separates us from the competition is the kind of reliability that can only be conveyed face to face.

This is the place where all routes lead to the destination.


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