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Frankfurt Airport

Our partnerships help keep your mail moving. Under all possible conditions.

Hand in Hand for Perfect Airmail Handling

Successful for more than 15 years

The Airmail Center is a joint venture of Lufthansa Cargo AG, Fraport AG, and Deutscher Post DHL. The airport manager and the airline each contribute 40% and Deutsche Post DHL contributes the remaining 20 percent.

A truly unique combination

No other logistics company pools its know-how in international mail handling as consistently as the Airmail Center. The mail handling centre we built is an example of what comes out of this. There is no other centre like it in the world.

Fast access to the world

The strategic decision to handle all of the time-sensitive international mail at the Frankfurt Airport was made based on the intent to use the existing know-how to secure a favourable location and benefit the airmail customers and airlines.

From A to B and A to Z.