Your Way. Every Day.

Airmail logistics thrives on the people behind it.

There is actually no secret of success for the Airmail Center.

Airmail logistics is people business. This means that our employees are the most important success factor. Our team knows their stuff and they also understand and know you. After all, they usually work with you for many years.

For us, real partnerships go above and beyond an order number. And both sides benefit from this. You benefit from our high level of expertise and our high degree of reliability and efficiency. And we benefit from your satisfaction.

This is the team that develops custom and integrated logistics solutions for you.

Bellinghausen Geschäftsführer ACF

// Markus Bellinghausen,

Managing Director Airmail Center Frankfurt GmbH

Niedermeyer Geschäftsführer ACF

// Marcus Niedermeyer,

Managing Director Airmail Center Frankfurt GmbH

 Andreas Evangelou

// Andreas Evangelou

Commercial Director
Phone +49 69 690-31568
Fax +49 69 690-59699

Mario Arzberger

// Mario Arzberger,

Director Operations Frankfurt
Phone +49 69 690-71614
Fax +49 69 690-59699

Harald Arzberger

// Harald Arzberger,

Senior Expert Process Management
Phone +49 69 690-77055
Fax +49 69 690-58037

Iris Reisewitz ACF


Aviation Security Officer
Airmail Center, Frankfurt
Tel. +49 69 690-20365
Fax +49 69 690-58037

ACF E. Galm 2

// Edgar Galm,

Operations Manager Munich
Phone +49 89 975-92650
Fax +49 89 975-92656